Storage Agreement

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Limitation of Liability

Lakeland agrees to accept the aforementioned items (“Property”) for storage upon payment of applicable charges by Owner and receipt of this signed Agreement. The storage provided by this agreement shall be solely at Owner’s risk, and the Owner hereby releases Lakeland from all liability for any loss or damage to the aforementioned Property stored and to any other property of Owner whatsoever. Owner shall remove all accessories and/or items of personal property not listed specifically in the terms of this Agreement, and Owner agrees as a condition of this Agreement that the Owner will provide insurance for all perils, including loss by fire, theft, windstorm and other damage or loss which may occur during the storage period, and Owner will provide Lakeland with proof of such insurance. Lakeland shall have a lien on the Property and the right, under this Agreement, to refuse to deliver or surrender the Property until charges to the Owner have been paid in full to Lakeland.
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