Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We advise putting lift covers on shortly after the boat is on so empty lifts aren't moved around or damaged by high wind thunderstorms, especially in the spring.

We begin installations as soon as the ice clears with the goal of having all of our seasonal customers in by Memorial Day weekend.

In some cases yes! We want to install your new pier as soon as possible so you can enjoy it for as much of the season as you are able. However, we prioritize getting all of our seasonal customers' existing setups in by Memorial Day weekend before installing new setups. Because of this, we schedule most new pier installs to be completed before July 4th. New boat and PWC lifts can usually be installed before Memorial Day weekend, depending on the conditions.

In most cases we are able to convert auger posts to sockets. We focus on conversions from July through early October.

We can remove your pier as early as you like in the fall, but we begin in earnest Oct. 1 and go until we are finished, usually the week after Thanksgiving.

Please give us a call when you are ready to be removed. Let us know how your summer went and if there's anything specific we can do for you for next season! When possible, crank your lift cradle all the way up so we know it is no longer in use. This also prevents waves from loosening and wearing on the bunks over time.

All late season piers, lifts, and boats must be ready for removal by the Monday after Thanksgiving. It may be earlier in the event of an unseasonably cold fall.

Yes! We repair and refurbish brock dock sections. It can be rebuilt on new aluminum, painted cedar or treated wood stringers. If needed, we will transport your entire pier back to our shop to do the work over the winter. Please let us know before fall removal so we can get it scheduled.

We do not at this time. We sell maintenance free brock dock vinyl, as well as treated wood piers.

We offer canopy cover repair, restitching, waterproofing and cleaning for Sunbrella and vinyl covers.

Although we do offer storage for inboards and I/O's, we do not winterize anything at this time.